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Psychological therapy/counselling can be a great help at a time when you may not be feeling very happy with life.

Anybody at any time can be unhappy or stressed.

You may have close friends or family to support you through a difficult time. However, sometimes the reason you are feeling unsettled or distressed is not something you want to share with those close to you in daily life.

Then it may be the right thing to do to seek a professional trained therapist. The therapist is not a friend or relative and will not give advice or tell you what to do.

Sharing your feelings and experiences with someone who is independent can give a different perspective to life and the relationship you build up together can be part of creating change and maybe moving on to a way of living that is more balanced.

Caroline Bickerton uses BSL (British Sign Language)BSL users – what is on offer?

If you use BSL as your chosen language then often you have to rely on interpreters to access services and support. If you are thinking about meeting with a counsellor then this is a very personal decision. Some people may want to see a local counsellor face to face with an interpreter and that is one way of working in a therapy session.

There may be a qualified counsellor who is skilled in BSL in your area or you may be able to travel a little way to meet with someone. That is one choice we can discuss.

If there is no one nearby then maybe you would like to try a session using the internet?

I can provide counselling to Deaf signers all over the country through Skype.

If you are thinking about counselling support and want more information then send me a text or email and we can book an assessment appointment – this will be free – for half an hour to give me the chance to explain how therapy can work using the internet.

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Caroline Bickerton - SPITInterpreters – what is on offer?

Having been a qualified BSL interpreter for nearly 30 years I have experienced many stressful situations and also talked with colleagues over the years that have had personal life problems that impact on their work. In addition I have met with colleagues who have been interpreting in some harrowing situations that have left them with ‘baggage’ that they are not sure how to deal with.

I can offer totally independent and confidential one to one time as a dual professional – a qualified BSL/English interpreter and a BACP accredited therapist. I work to the BACP Ethical Framework as a counsellor and am empathic and non-judgemental. My aim is to build a relationship of trust and confidence with those who seek my support.

If you are a hearing interpreter or trainee we can use Skype with vision or on voice only.

  • You may want a one off session to ‘de-brief’ after a particularly stressful/traumatic assignment
  • You may have personal issues that are impacting on your working life and talking these through with a therapist who also knows the parameters of working as an interpreter would be appropriate
  • You may not have local peer support and would like to fix a regular supervision session to discuss your work

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Caroline Bickerton - SPITAcquired hearing loss/Deafened person

If you have an acquired hearing loss this may have happened over a period of time or quite suddenly. The impact of profound deafness on relationships within the family, at work and with friends and colleagues can be very difficult to deal with.

New ways to communicate and to explain what support you need to those close around you can be exhausting, hard work when you are still struggling to adjust to a different way of accessing conversation/information.

HearingLINK is a national charity that provides a range of information and support for people with an acquired hearing loss. They run residential intensive rehabilitation courses providing the opportunity to share the stories of other participants and also learn from the expert tutors.

For over 5 years I have regularly attended programmes run by HearingLINK as a therapist. Everyone who attends is given individual time with myself (or a.n.other) counsellor . This is seen as a ‘taster’ session of how it may be to seek counselling and we try to direct participants to someone with good deaf awareness in their locality.

However this may not be possible as there is only a small number of qualified therapists known to HearingLINK who are deaf aware.

It may be that you are not interested in sign support or that you are learning BSL, but if you but have a significant hearing loss and would like the chance to talk through some personal issues with a counsellor/therapist then do get in contact with me.

Choices – try using the internet and Skype on a one to one basis, concentrating on the screen for lipreading/hearing and with the option of clarification through a text message or some fingerspelling – it may be that this is an option you would chose.

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Caroline Bickerton - working together with other professional colleaguesProfessional colleagues

Do you work with Deaf and/or hearing colleagues?

Are you a Deaf or hearing person yourself?

Do you work with Deaf or hearing patients/clients?

Maybe there are stressful times at work… maybe you have issues at home that are affecting your work ?

As services develop and provisions for employment expand for Deaf people there may be those who feel stuck in a scenario where they have a problem – work or health or home – and not sure who to turn to because of not wanting to appear less than competent in their role.

In some cases your employer may have an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) in place for hearing staff but you feel this would not be suitable as the only choice would be to book an interpreter.

I have been contacted many times by employers to provide a period of counselling sessions for a Deaf employee.

This may be something for you to consider – if you want to find out more then send me an e-mail

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