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Experts in providing support for people with hearing loss and tinnitus.

British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists has a page called – Find a Therapist – on the advanced search they list the languages used by therapists and BSL is included. 

British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists – approved register. 

British Deaf Association is a good resource for all matters to do with those using BSL as a first language. 

Information leaflets about mental health issues in BSL.

Services and developments in the field of mental health and deafness, including information about regular meetings and conferences.

The UK Council on Deafness provides information and advice and represents the sector to government and policy makers.

A website set up by SIGN to bring together information about services and research and resources to do with mental health and deafness throughout the UK.

The only organisation focussing on the needs of deafened people – a merging of LINK centre for Deafened people and Hearing Concern.

A free counselling service for anyone with hearing loss in the Lothian region of Scotland.

The main charity working in the field of mental health – website has some information about working with deafness.

SignHealth is the only UK charity dedicated to promoting positive mental health amongst Deaf people. This site gives access to a huge amount of data, including information about their services, research and current UK initiatives.

Visual Language Professionals (VLP) was established for British Sign Language interpreters to support each other on a local and national basis, to promote and maintain high standards and to encourage good practice throughout the profession.



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